SANTACO President promises better future

SANTACO President promises better future


Taaibosch, who has been the organisation’s Secretary General since its formation in 2001 but elevated to presidency at its fourth national elective conference in March, said Transport Minister Dipuo Peters has in her short stint at the ministry proven that she WOUld steer the taxi industry forward.

“l must commend President Jacob Zuma for retaining Dipuo Peters as Transport Minister after the general elections. She had in the first 10 months proven that she has interest to take the taxi industry forward.

“When she got to the position last year, within a few months we saw a Minister who was willing to work with the industry. In her we believe we have a Minister willing to redress the imbalances of the past,” Taaibosch said.

He said Peters had also accelerated the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme (TAP), putting the programme at 75 percent towards its accomplishment.

She has referred to reviving the National Joint Working Group [NJWG), which was established to streamline government’s programmes along all its spheres to ensure uniformity.

The introduction of the NJWG started as a process to control flames of anger that blazed in the industry during the introduction of the introduction of BRT in the City of Johannesburg.

Taaibosch said: “The NJWG is a strategic platform for the taxi industry to advance the objectives of its TR3 2020 strategy and filter it down easy when government understands where the industry is heading,” he said.

He added that the structure is important because public transport matters happen at local government aid local government does not take the taxi industry seriously.

Taaibosch said Peters has invited the industry to working closely with her department and the reduction of taxi related accidents during the Easter season proves this partnership works.

He said the taxi industry’s role in public passenger transport cannot be wished away and the TR8 2020 vision intends to revitalize the present service and empower the operator to become a better businessperson.

He acknowledges the industry has not been able to give a better service to commuters-who are the main source of revenue for the taxi business.

“1 would like to apologise to our bosses who have not enjoyed value for their money each time they boarded our taxis. We invite them to work with us in making their experience in our taxis a pleasant one,” he said.

He referred to the launch of the Wi-Fi taxi which provides Commuters access to free internet while inside a taxi and designated ranks part of improving commuter service.

He was quick to say, the industry has stabilized and violence has drastically dropped since the establishment of SANTACO.

Taaibosoh said the political wilt of the Minister allows the industry to address problems of the industry that have been outstanding for a while. “We look into the five years with absolute confidence,” he said