SANTACO President recognizes his leadership

SANTACO President recognizes his leadership


I would to thank all the leadership from all provinces and the 81 regional council leaders for standing strong on a decision taken by the industry in 2001 of establishing SANTACO as the soul representative body of the industry, their continuity support, their continuity defence, their continuity promotion of unity in the industry violence has ominously subsided even if our police services have failed to apprehend the perpetrators in the industry is still firm in its believe that transformation is in place hence the non-distraction with the inability of the SAPS resolving the murders which have taken place in the industry.

Congratulations to all the leadership and members for adhering to a call of being responsible South Africans. The success of Hlokomela Road Safety Taxi care campaign has been made possible by your believe that safety is not the responsibility of government.

SANTACO will continue its endeavour to make South Africans roads safe. I’m calling upon all of us that before crossing the roads/streets that we first look right and left and then right and left before we cross the road.

Thank You.