Phillip Taaibosch

Phillip Taaibosch


Mr. Philip Taaibosch grew up in Brandfort a small town in the Free State province of South Africa, largely made popular by the fact that it is where Mrs. Winnie Mandela had been banished during Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment. This is where his political ideology was first formed. As a young man he played professional football in the then National Professional Soccer League for Leicester City. Later he qualified as a referee and over time, served as a Deputy Chairperson of the Free State Referees Association.

Mr. Taaibosch started his economic life in the steel industry as a boiler-maker and fitter in 1977. During his working life, he became a shop steward and also served on the Board of the South African Boiler Makers’ Association for more than seven years.

He also owned taxis on a part-time basis and served as the chairman of the Free State Taxi Council, a position he maintained for seventeen years. In 1993, he took the decision to become a full-time taxi operator. When the first Taxi National Body, SATACO, was formed, Mr. Taaibosch became the interim Secretary General until the establishment of SANTACO in 2001. He was elected the first Secretary General of SANTACO at the first AGM of SANTACO, a position he held till March 2014, in 2014 during the conference he was then elected as the President of SANTACO the position which he is presently holding.

As a community member, Mr. Taaibosch has involved himself with School Governing Bodies and local Civic Associations. He is a card-carrying member of the African National Congress, David Thuys branch in the Free State. He also serves on the board of directors of Taxi Choice, a business arm of SANTACO as an Executive Director.

He also runs a funeral undertaking business and is husband to Pascalina and a father to his two children.


  1. Good day Mr President,

    All the Best for 2017 to SANTACO and all of the members and their families.

    Would it be possible to ask for your email address only to forward a summary to state my main objective for making contact on the website.
    Unfortunately I only most recently became aware of this organization as I’ve been trying for months to gain access by making contact and offer myself and my honest yet humble value added ability helping the Minibus Industry get what they deserve,the space they been fighting for all their lives and also be earmarked as the service of choice by its users and a Brand representating safe,reliable,love,fearless,respect and sustainable development.

    I would be very grateful only to be granted 60min of your time and ask only to hear what I have to say and if what I have to say is not align with the outlook all have on the future of the minibus industry then I will say thank you and leave.
    However I believe that once I shared my vision it wil be clear that I truly want to help and not sell something or make money and disappear…infact I’m not asking for money and believe that will come as one deserve it,the most important part is for me to provide the industry with my service giving back, to almost 70% of the nation, the one thing they to date not be able to confirm or validate as owners and for the Minibus Taxi Industry who deliver the service the ability to be a sustainable business only to insure the little children have a future to one day take over and grow further for their children.

    I would ,with respect,apreciate if I could get this session rather sooner than later wich I will explain why once we could sit down, to be clear im under no circumstances trying to undermine any authority,process,system,previous project or current partnerships please I’m not.
    This already not a easy task with my approach wich almost seem disrespectful wich I’m not but believe when I’m saying I’ve been trying for month after month to be able to meet and share my vision offering my assistance helping the industry to become the most successful industry who adopt to change and they will get loved for it by the whole continent.

    To me ,in my head , the Minibus Taxi Industry play a Significant Role being the Key towards achieving the 2030 Goals set out in the NDP plan and in my plan, the whole industry will receive ingoing incentives for playing a key role in this change. What I have to share is seriously so amazing but yet so scalable that the only way to gain success will be by sharing the same vision and achieve the same goals.

    Once again my apologies for the way I approach SANTACO leadership its not my intend to be disrespectful but its only becouse of my passion to be able to meet and share my vision and enable everyone to honestly acknowledge what I offer is only and exactly hat my intend is with this approach,to help.

    Dreyer Welman