Hlokomela-LogoHLOKOMELA SANTACO has observed with serious concern the carnage on the road in which in most cases Taxis are involved. SANTACO as the representative body of the Taxi Industry has therefore decided to take the initiative, in line with the TR3 2020 and find solutions to this problem. Hlokomela is therefore a response from SANTACO and the Taxi Industry to try to reduce and eliminate unnecessary road accident which could have been prevented had operators and drivers been more careful in checking their vehicles and adhered to the speed limit on the road. We believe our involvement will have a major effect in sending a clearer message that the Industry itself is concerned and will not tolerate negligent and careless behaviour from our operators and drivers.

SANTACO therefore believes that Road Safety should not only be the concern of the Traffic Official but also the Taxi Industry and all motorists at large. Operation Hlokomela represents the Taxi Industry’s concern and care for the safety of the passengers, pedestrians, and the community at large


  • To reduce the road accidents through checking and monitoring of Taxi vehicles at different check points.
  • To give the commuters confidence of the commitment to provide the best service which is safe, efficient, reliable and affordable.
  • To provide a support mechanism for drivers in case they have challenges during the journey.
  • To work hand in hand with traffic official to promote road safety and to eliminate bad elements and improper conduct from our Taxi drivers and operators.
  • To create a mechanism to receive and also to provide feedback to the commuter on their experience of the journey and the conduct of drivers especially in long distance route.
  • To establish a culture of compliance to road safety and compliance to the traffic laws especially the speed limit.
  • To create a feedback system to the drivers and operators so that good behaviour can be rewarded and to discourage behaviour through naming and shaming and other punitive measures

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