Santaco launches campaign ‘Hlokomela’ to curb road carnage

Santaco launches campaign ‘Hlokomela’ to curb road carnage


They are normally regarded as rude and a law unto themselves on our roads but that is the perception, Taxi Association, Santaco wants to change especially during the Easter holidays.

On Tuesday Santaco has launched the Hlokomela campaign, which means to be vigilant in Sotho.

The majority of public transport users in South Africa are dependent on taxis. However it is an industry that is plagued by road accidents especially during the holidays.

There is a move to curb the road carnage, with the Easter weekend just a few days away.

It is all about changing driver attitudes, therefore potentially saving lives.

Praying for divine intervention and then doing road safety checks before taxis can ferry passengers to their destinations.
It is an effort aimed at ensuring that commuters Arrive Alive.

One passenger says, “It Is important that the drivers become vigilant for the sake of our safety, we do not want to die prematurely.”
“I am happy that I will arrive alive, thank you taxis,” says another passenger.

Another passenger adds, “I am confident that we will travel and even return safely in our journey.”

Santaco President Phillip Taaibosch reminds the drivers that they are here to demonstrate that as a taxi industry they will ensure that the roads are safe this festive season.

“I have been on record defending the taxi drivers that you are not a law unto yourselves,” says Taaibosch.

As for the men behind the wheel it is a campaign they support fully.

One driver says, “I am happy for the campaign because it is necessary for our industry.”

“The road is not only for you, it is for you and other people around you. You are able to operate more than two cars if you are on the road,” says another driver.

In addition another driver says, “There is no need to rush on the roads, we have to keep to the normal speed and stop answering phones when driving.”

Traffic volumes are expected to increase in the run up to the Easter weekend.

Santaco says safety checks will be prioritized in taxi ranks before departures nationwide.