SANTACO was build on 3 pillars

SANTACO was build on 3 pillars


My name is Phillip Taaibosch, the President of SANTACO.  SANTACO being the governing structure of the taxi industry in the country mandated by an intense program sphere headed by government under the auspices of the late Minister of Transport (may his soul rest in peace) Mr Dulla Omar including the democratic acclaimed National bodies of the taxi industry of that time being, SATACO, the NTA and the PROTACO’s who participated in a suggested program by government of unifying the taxi industry through an open participatory program through all the provinces including, Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal being visited twice for the formation of one united taxi representative body of South Africa

Let me indicate that during that violence riddle taxi industry time, we also heard 37 federal structures organisations who operated from 37 plus 3 different constitutions which we agreed at that time both the industry and government that the above was the recipe of lawlessness and violence in the country, hence a decision taken by all the above taxi formations of that time to disband and establish one united body through meaning the National Conference Preparatory Committee, a conference was held from the 16th of September in KwaZulu Natal at the ICC centre in Durban whereby all the delegates at the conference which was attended  by government in particular the then Deputy President of the country who is also the present Honourable President of the country Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and the then Minister of Transport his Honourable Dulla Omar and the then Premier of KwaZulu Natal his Honourable Mr Lionel Mtshali and the then 9 Provincial MEC’s of Transport.  “In his address the Honourable Deputy President Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma said that the umbilical cord of the taxi industry has been cut, and a new baby called SANTACO has been born and government through this democratic elected leadership would be able to engage with the taxi industry and ensure the complete eradication of violence”

In his address his honourable the late Minister Mr Dulla Omar indicated that now that SANTACO and its new executives have been presented to the government, this will present the government with an authentic representative body recognised by the taxi industry and government.  I am presenting to you this shortened history  of who SANTACO is and who SANTACO represents the taxi industry as a whole in South Africa, the mandate which was given to SANTACO was built on 3 Pillars which is the following:-

(a)    Transformation of the taxi industry
(b)    Eradication of violence
(c)    The economic emancipation of the industry

Based on all the above a democratic dispensation of the taxi industry took place in 2001 September 16 for anyone wishing to have more inclusive information on all the processes that led to the birth of SANTACO.  Please feel free to read through a government document called “THE FOUNDING STATEMENT OF SANTACO”.


  1. Good day Ntate Taaibosch

    I hope this message finds you well. My name is Thabiso Thebe and I am working on social development project specifically designed around the issue of solving the taxi violence and accidents on our roads and to help black business grow. Having been a commuter at some stage in my life, I jumped out of a burning taxi, got caught in the cross fire during the Diepsloot tax wars, my friends dad (taxi boss) had to go into hiding after an assassination attempt during the Alexandra taxi violence, and witnessed far too many mutilated black corpses lying on the street after reckless taxi accidents that could have been prevented.

    I have been trying to contact you since 2017 and I have left several messages with Thabiso without any success.

    The project is estimated at R10bn of which a stake will be for SANTACO and the taxi operators in exchange for ending the violence and adhering to certain safety standards and I am certain with your endorsements and possible off take agreements it will be far more lucrative than Velvet sky. The taxi model itself will significantly help improve taxi operators margins by reducing fuel and financing costs.

    I have spoken to some politicians but unfortunately they are more interested in lining their own pockets rather than helping black business and black people in general grow. I believe the Taxi Recapitilisation Program headed by Lucky Montana was a good example of this. I can only force their hands if I have the industry support.

    I urgently require is your endorsement to get the project funded because the window of opportunity is closing fast as the Chinese manufacturers are set to export a similar model by 2025. Furthermore I believe together we could successfully lobby to get Ntate Blade Ndzimande approve special lanes for taxis during peak traffic which will help to increase capacity and grow the local taxi industry.

    Please feel free to contact me 061 566 5443 or email

    Yours Sincerely

    Thabiso Thebe